Sexual Masochism

Sexual Masochism and fetichism Sexual masochism disorder is a paraphilic disorder. Individuals with sexual masochism are sexually aroused when they are beaten, bound, or tortured. Because of these sexual masochism behaviors they are significantly affected in important areas of life. Everyone has their sexual preferences. For some, their sexual preferences extremely erotic practices like being …

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Sexual sadism

Sexual Sadism : Sexual Sadism is a psychosexual disorder. By causing physical pain or psychological distress (e.g., humiliation, terrorism) to another person a sadist gets sexual stimulation – arousal, excitement and gets sexual satisfaction – orgasm. After the violent behavior, the sadist might have a negative feeling (guilt feeling). Mostly, sadistic behavior backfires, causing much …

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sexual child abuse

Sexual child abuse

Sex perversion Sexual perversion is an old-fashioned diagnostic term. Previously normal sexual activity is defined as the genital penetration – coitus with a person of the opposite sex to achieve orgasm. Any other activity other than coitus is considered outside the norms of sexual desire and function. Sexual perversion is understood to be a deviation …

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No Masturbation

No Masturbation : 90 days

No Masturbation : 90 Days Masturbation is not bad per se. But it is better to keep within limits. Excessive, that is several sessions a week may be bad. Masturbation helps to relieve tension. Ejaculation is not necessary. Simply rubbing genitals may be enough. Masturbation has the power to relax. Men aged between 15 and …

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Will Viagra work for women?

Will Viagra work for women? Sildenafil sex pills improve the blood flow gently in genitalia. But it will not equate to sexual pleasure in women. Can women take Sildenafil – Viagra? Popping a magic blue sex pill in women with sexual difficulties improve the blood flow to clitoral and vaginal tissues. This in turn will …

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sexual fantasies

Imagining others during sex

Imagining others during sex Imagining / portraying / picturing someone else while having sex with their partner is a form of sexual fantasy. The imagination is purely to arouse desire and for erotic satisfaction. Sexual fantasy is normal within limits. Imagining during the sexual act may not do any harm; but excess will cause marital discord and …

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Wine and sex

Wine and sex

Wine and sex Wine is a sex drive boosting beverage. According to sexology and nutrition research study published in Nutrition Journal 2012, red wine can boost sex drive. What is the right quantity of wine for good sex? One medium glass wine before sex (175ml equal to about two units of alcohol) a day helps …

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Alternatives for beverages for sex

Alternatives for beverages for sex

Alternative drinks for sex Water The best alternative with no calories. Healthy alternatives Green tea Coconut water Cool drink on hot day Lemon juice Butter-milk Water seasoned with mint, orange, lime flavor Soda alternatives for sweet tooth  Iced tea Fruit juices mixed with sparkling water, lemonade For caffeine preference Coffee Black tea Lemon tea Water Water …

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