Does cycling damage men's sex?


Cycling does not damage men’s sex.

In fact cycling improves sexual quality and enhances sex life. Cycling is an aerobic exercise. It improves blood flow and in turn increases penile blood flow, which is an essential part of erection.

Sex is a good thing.

Most of us know that. But not everyone knows that sex is good for overall health. In fact, regular sex can actually prolong life. Research shows that a person who has more than 300 orgasms a year lives four years longer than a person who has less than 70 orgasms a year. Cycling improves sex life and in turn prolongs life. Cycling builds some essential muscle groups. The muscles used in cycling are the same muscles used during sexual intercourse. If these muscles are well developed, the sex will be longer and more athletic

Regular cycle riding helps to keep fit and proper body shape. It makes one to feel more confident in sex. Even two rides in a week will boost the body image. Those who do cycling two to three days per week can have more sexual desire than average. Cycling increases the strength and endurance. One can have good stamina for sexual performance.

Does cycling damage men's sex?

Cycling as exercise is energizing. Cyclists are less likely to be too tired in sex also. Cycling promotes cardiovascular health and increases blood flow. Both these are scientifically shown to be good for sex life. Cardiovascular benefits of cycling will actually support and potentially improve their performance, not hurt it.

Does cycling damage men's sex?

Cycling will produce a positive effect on mental well-being of the individual.  Mind-altering chemicals like alcohol and marijuana makes one to “get in the mood”. These chemicals make them to be relaxed. They lower their stress levels and inhibitions. Cycling alos triggers the release of these stress-busting, feel good chemicals.

Regular riding helps keep stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in control. Thus cycling makes the individual to feel less stressed overall. Research showed that less stress leads to easier sexual arousal. That is, one rides cycle can be more likely to be in the mood and enjoy sex more often.

Cycling improves mental well-being by exploring new places, spending quality time with oneself.

Does cycling damage men's sex?

Cycling can improve sex in elderly. Cycling is beneficial for the heart health and has less impact on the joints. According to Harvard Medical Research, older people who do exercises regularly can perform good sex. But they need to do exercises that have less impact on the joints. If they are physically fit, their sexual performance would be on par with the sexual performance of a 20-year-old younger than them. Cycling is a low-impact exercise. Cycling can be a great exercise for the elderly.

Does cycling damage men's sex?

It is essential to burn calories to lose weight.

Cycling is a quite effective exercise in this process. Especially uphill cycling promotes quick weight loss. According to the intensity and rider’s weight cycling for an hour can burn between 400 to 1000 calories.

In addition to burning fat, cycling also helps build muscle. It targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Cycling regularly will give nice toned body.

Scientists suggest that 30-60 minutes of steady riding at a good pace is a good balance. It is better to maintain heart rate at 75% of one’s maximum. 3 to 5 sessions a week is enough to get the benefits. Cycling is an easy and enjoyable tool for the physical and mental health of the elderly.

Does cycling damage men's sex?
Does cycling damage men's sex?

Cycling can improve sex life. Riding a bike regularly keeps the stress hormones in low levels. Cycling makes one quite easier to get aroused sexually.

     Dr. Vijayakumar did his MBBS in Kilpauk Medical College and later went on to Madras Medical College for his Master courses in Clinical Pathology. He underwent masters in Psychology and Yoga. Underwent Fellowship training in Andrology and Clinical Embryology by Prof Ariff Bongso. Did his PhD in Hormones, Yoga and Sexual problems. He has been trained by the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (India). He was the first medical professional to start an exclusive clinic for the management of sexual problems in Salem,Tamil Nadu in the year 1988. He has put up more than thirty years experience. He has offered professional help to thousands of persons especially newly married. Besides treating sexual dysfunctions, he is also an expert in treating pre-marital counselling.

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