Numb Penis

The penis is the most sensitive part. It has full of nerve endings. Because of this nerves, during sexual intercourse and masturbation the individual experiences pleasurable sensations, eventually reaching orgasm and ejaculation. Suffering with an insensitive penis will be frustrating. Because of this sexual pleasure is lost. It makes difficult for a person to reach orgasm during intercourse and ejaculate.  In some cases, he may not be able to reach orgasm at all.

Treatment of penile numbness depends on the underlying cause. Some causes can be easily corrected, while others are more serious and may require medical attention to restore sensation. If the cause is due an injury, it is easier to, treat. The lost penile sensation normally returns as the injury heals. If penile numbness is due to other medical condition such as cancer and neuropathy treating the medical problem will make him to regain penile sensation.

Making some lifestyle changes will be helpful to regain his penile sensation. Sitting on a properly padded surface, adjusting the sitting position and standing every now and then will be useful. Avoid putting pressure on the perineum and penile areas. When sitting for a long time, try to get up and walk for few minutes to keep the blood flow steady. Wear loose clothing especially in the genital area. In cyclists with numb penis, altering the seat angle will be beneficial in getting rid of the numbness. 

If a person has the habit of strong gripping and vigorous masturbation, it is better to take a break from masturbation. After few weeks, switch over to new smoother technique.

Avoid rough non-sex toys for masturbation. Such an object can break or shatter the penile tissues causing burn feel or numbness. Avoid vacuum penile pump and O-Rings.

Numb Penis

In cases of penile numbness caused by conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Peyronie’s disease/ curved penis on erection, the doctor may prescribe certain medications to help with numbness. Strict control of blood sugars in diabetics will avoid complications like nerve damage resulting in numb penis. Skin-soothing and healing vitamins A, C, D and E are useful to bring back the penis sensation

Testosterone levels

If the cause of penile numbness is due to altered testosterone levels, hormone therapy will be more effective. Hormones are given in the form of tablets or injections. As hormone levels return to normal, the sensation of the penis will be restored gradually.

How to avoid penile numbness in cycling?

Transient erectile issues can arise after very long rides. One doesn’t have to give up biking to preserve their sexual function. Correction of riding behaviors will solve the penis numbness problem. Taking a few simple precautionary measures will ensure that one’s passion for cycling does not interfere with their interest in the bedroom.


Numb Penis

Use proper seat designs that put less pressure on the perineum. Don’t use a racing seat with a long narrow nose. Narrow saddle is associated with greater reductions in penile blood flow than a wider saddle. Pick a wide seat, ideally with plenty of padding. In a recent study, saddle with a large cutout and downward facing nose (the front of the saddle), is found to be superior in preventing vascular compression and penile blood flow occlusion compared with more standard saddle designs. Special gel-filled and shock-absorbing seats are better.

Saddle angle & Weight loading

Numb Penis

The vertical pressure is dependent on the rider’s body weight as well as riding position. Rider’s body weight as well as riding position load stress and compression of the perineum. Don’t tilt your seat upward, a position that increases pressure on the perineum. Downward tilted saddle reduced stress and compression on the perineum. This is probably because the backward stress puts the weight of the rider on the ischial tuberosities (the “sit bones” in your buttocks) and off of the perineal cavity.

Saddle and handlebar height

Numb Penis

Handlebar height should be lower than saddle height. This makes the rider in a leaning-forward position which reduce vertical load on the perineum. This position may or may not apply to recreational riders on touring or hybrid bikes. Make sure the seat is at the correct height so that the legs are not fully extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Other things to be considered

Numb Penis

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