For the past twenty years, even men with erectile dysfunction have been happier in their sex lives. This is because of a magic pill – little blue pill – SILDENAFIL and its variations.

There are several allopathic oral medications for penile erection. They are

Sildenafil (Viagra) and other ED medications are effective for most men. Unfortunately, not everyone who uses them have penis erection.

Improper use of the drug will reduce its effectiveness. Many think that using erection medicines is very easy. Just taking a sex pill with a glass of water before sex may not work. Actually there is a proper technique in using the sex pill. Taking a sex pill after a heavy fat meal is not effective. It will affect the absorption of the sex pills like sildenafil

Sex pills – sildenafil etc do not cause immediate penis erection. They need to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It then acts on the penile tissues and increases penile blood flow, which causes erection. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to work. So wait long enough.

Having sex before the pill is effective, erection of penis may not be there. If any erection is found, it may not be maintained. To avoid such situation, it’s better to take the sex pill at least one hour before sex.  If one cannot precisely timing the sex, it’s better to take long acting sex pill which may provide relief from erection problem for up to 24 hours per dose.

The severity of erection problem varies significantly. One individual with mild erection problem may need mild dose like 25 mg. Another individual with severe problem may need stronger dose. It may not be the same dose for everyone. It should be individually adjusted. If one still experiences erection problem even after taking sildenafil sex pill , they should consult the sexologist to adjust the dose. Everyone’s needs are different, which means that the right dose for someone else may not be the best choice for another individual.

Sex pills like sildenafil cause erection by increasing the penis blood flow only. Sex pills don’t have any effect on sexual arousal. They are not mood elevators for sex. Sex pills will not suddenly cause the sex drive to become stronger. They will act only if the individual is in good sex mood. That is,
if he is not in the mood for sex, taking Sildenafil – Viagra will not work.

Sex pills like Sildenafil – Viagra will definitely work well for most men if there is blood flow problem. Patience is essential; don’t give up too soon. While taking the sex pills some men do not experience immediate improvements. This is very common. This may be related to anxiety, nervousness for the first time. It may be also a sexual performance concern, that is performance anxiety. Do not leave it immediately in such situations. Instead, try using it on several occasions before judging the results. It will be more effective as one gets used to using it over and over again. Penis erection will be good when they are accustomed and comfortable in using it before sexual intercourse. If one do not notice any improvements after repeated use it is better to consult sexologist.

     Dr. Vijayakumar did his MBBS in Kilpauk Medical College and later went on to Madras Medical College for his Master courses in Clinical Pathology. He underwent masters in Psychology and Yoga. Underwent Fellowship training in Andrology and Clinical Embryology by Prof Ariff Bongso. Did his PhD in Hormones, Yoga and Sexual problems. He has been trained by the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (India). He was the first medical professional to start an exclusive clinic for the management of sexual problems in Salem,Tamil Nadu in the year 1988. He has put up more than thirty years experience. He has offered professional help to thousands of persons especially newly married. Besides treating sexual dysfunctions, he is also an expert in treating pre-marital counselling.

Trekking and offroad jeeping are his other passions.