Sex to cope with COVID stress

Try to do some other activities like sex that you enjoy.


Sex to cope with COVID stress

When we are stressed, the adrenal glands produce and release the stress hormones called – cortisol & adrenaline into the bloodstream. Cortisol & adrenaline the “stress hormones,” cause negative impact on brain, increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

Whereas the opposite of stress hormones, the “Happy hormones” – oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are produced when we are happy especially after sex.

During orgasm, the brain works more and produces more happy hormones.

Among these happy hormones, dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure, desire and motivation.

When we get orgasm, our brain becomes flooded with dopamine. This causes intense pleasure and well-being.

     Dr. Vijayakumar did his MBBS in Kilpauk Medical College and later went on to Madras Medical College for his Master courses in Clinical Pathology. He underwent masters in Psychology and Yoga. Underwent Fellowship training in Andrology and Clinical Embryology by Prof Ariff Bongso. Did his PhD in Hormones, Yoga and Sexual problems. He has been trained by the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (India). He was the first medical professional to start an exclusive clinic for the management of sexual problems in Salem,Tamil Nadu in the year 1988. He has put up more than thirty years experience. He has offered professional help to thousands of persons especially newly married. Besides treating sexual dysfunctions, he is also an expert in treating pre-marital counselling.

Trekking and offroad jeeping are his other passions.