premature ejaculation

Remedy for premature ejaculation

Remedy for premature ejaculation What are the types of premature ejaculation? There are 2 types of premature ejaculation.         Primary PME         Secondary PME Primary premature ejaculation – where you have always had the problem Secondary premature ejaculation or “acquired premature ejaculation” – where you recently developed the problem …

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Masturbation Part 4

Masturbation : Part 4 Common myths about masturbation Debunk Myths about Masturbation Common myths about masturbation Masturbation can damage the penis Excessive masturbation makes you fail in sex Regular masturbation will cause erection problem Masturbation interferes with a man’s ability to father a child Masturbation causes physical problems, tiredness and loss of memory Masturbation will …

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Will frequent masturbation cause hair fall?​

Masturbation : Part 3​

Masturbation : Part 3 How much masturbation is too much?  It depends on the person. There’s no “normal” amount of frequency of masturbation. In our practice we have noticed Once a week is ideal Twice a week is not harmful To consider it as excessive, it should be compulsive or interfere with personal/professional life or …

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Masturbation : Part 2

Masturbation : Part 2 Do masturbation and sexual intercourse provide the same pleasure? NOT AT ALL.      It may seem that orgasms of masturbation may be similar to that of sexual intercourse. A study by sexologists of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, showed that sexual intercourse has many health benefits. But masturbation does …

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Masturbation : Right or Wrong

Masturbation : Part 1 Right or Wrong Modern Sexologist View Masturbation is HARMLESS; if done within limits.      Usually, everyone would have masturbated. As per a sexologist survey, almost 95% of men are known to have masturbated. Most men do in their teens. Some masturbate even after getting married. Masturbation is totally healthy and …

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