Sex Desire

      Synonyms : Libido,  Sexual attraction,  Lust Sex desire is a motivational  state You develop interest in opposite sex, sexual objects or activities. It is the effect of 

       Most people think about sex a lot especially during teenage Some may not think about sex frequently. Some think about it rarely. During adolescence, thinking about sex related things  is very common. It is not bad or wrong to think about sex.

When you have sex desire, the effect can be felt within the entire body. You may have a tingling and pulsating sensation in genitals and pelvic areas. Sexual desires are variable. When you are relaxed, in good mood, in good health you may get more sex desire. Sex desire can occur frequently if you have romantic feeling with somebody. However one can get sex desire even without any romantic feelings. Most of the people feel good with sex desire and they often enjoy it.


      Not at all. Many people often fantasize about sex. It means that you want to play out your fantasies in real life. Some create stories about sex in their thoughts.  But it doesn’t necessarily need to mean this. You can fantasize about anything you want. Lots of people fantasize, while they caress themselves. When you have a strong sex desire you develop an erotic mood. Because of this plenty of hormones are released into the bloodstream. More blood reaches the sex organs.

      Sometimes you can get an erection without realizing it. Similarly,  the vagina may become wet.  This may happen at night when you are sleeping and dreaming.  Sometimes you can get an erection or become wet for no reason. It will feel like your body is living a life of its own if you get an erection or become extra wet without knowing why.

Sometimes you can be sexually excited without having an erection or becoming wet and swollen. It is not abnormal. It may happen if you are stressed or nervous.


      You can. It is not wrong. There are many sensitive places over the  entire  body.Let your hands explore your body and find the places which feel good to touch. When you enjoy something sexually, feelings of tension and excitement build up within your body. It feels good.

Dr. N.VijayaKumar

Dr. Vijayakumar did his MBBS in Kilpauk Medical College and later went on to Madras Medical College for his Master courses in Clinical Pathology. He underwent masters in Psychology and Yoga. Underwent Fellowship training in Andrology and Clinical Embryology by Prof Ariff. Bongso. Did his PhD in Hormones, Yoga and Sexual problems. He has been trained by the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (India). He was the first medical professional to start an exclusive clinic for the management of sexual problems in Salem,Tamil Nadu in the year 1988. He has put up more than thirty years experience. He has offered professional help to thousands of persons especially newly married. Besides treating sexual dysfunctions, he is also an expert in treating pre-marital counselling.

Trekking and offroad jeeping are his other passions.